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I follow a good amount of cooking blogs and am constantly Googling for recipes and coming across amazing blogs. Some blogs come and go; some are only good for the one recipe I’m looking for and when I browse through, I don’t find anything that peaks my interest. It’s rare that I find cooking blogs that I love nearly recipe that is posted and follow nearly religiously.

I found this amazing blogger when I was on a hunt to find a certain dish to make at home. I would always order it at restaurants when we went out to eat and it would be slightly pricey, since the ingredients didn’t seem to justify the price. I found her blog, and for 4 years, I read it and browsed through the recipes she posted. I learned to cook that dish well at home, so that I no longer had to order it when we ate out. I actually found her recipe to be better than the restaurants in our area and I’ve learned to adjust the seasonings and ingredients account for my favorite vegetables.

She would make the food I loved super easy to cook and she wrote candidly about her health struggles and her immense love for her family. I recently found out that her health finally gave out. It broke my heart to find out the news, and I mourned someone amazing that I never met.

She touched a legion of home cooks with her blog and her recipes, and I’m so honored that she shared her home cooking with all of us. I made that dish this Saturday night… toasted her memory and prayed for her, her  family and friends before I started cooking. Thank you so much. Your memory definitely lives on every time I cook something from your blog.

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