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NYC Day 2-3! (The Met, Hyo Dong Guk, Macy’s, Central Park, Sushi of Gari 46, Top of the Rock, Times Square)

We woke up at the wonderful hour of 12PM and made our way out of the hotel… Hopped on the subway and wandered off in search of The Met.

It’s the first museum where I’ve been to where you pay what you think is fair for the admission fee. You get a little metal button to clip to your clothes to prove that you’ve paid! I was super excited since the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition was on display here at the time we were visiting. That was the first stop!

That was the end of the Savage Beauty line… We waited an hour in order to get our turn in there.

Pictures and video were strictly forbidden. I found this nifty youtube video of one of the displays I found interesting. It featured a hologram of Kate Moss modeling one of his creations. Absolutely gorgeous!

We wrapped up with the Savage Beauty exhibit (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Here’s my Yelp Review for more details on this…)

We continued to wander around the museum taking lots of pictures…

I really loved exploring the Impressionists Wing. They had some amazing stuff on display by Degas, Van Gogh, Manet, and Monet.

Their collection of sculptures were amazing!

I cannot fathom the time it took the artist to carve all those curls into that head!

We went up to the patio to get a gorgeous view of NYC and Central Park. It was blazing hot and humid up there. I don’t know how New Yorkers survive summer. I’m happily sitting here in 75 degree minimal humidity weather in California.

We got another quick pic in before we left. Ironically we decided to hike around NYC and do most of our outdoor walking on the hottest day during our stay there.

We walked back to the subway station and decided to get handpulled noodles. The place wasn’t too far from our hotel in Koreatown and was right around the corner from the flagship Macy’s!

I was really happy the restaurant was heavily AC-ed!

After my bowl of noodles, I had to go and ride the wooden escalators in Macy’s. EVERY SINGLE FLOOR. And yes. I found my wooden elevators. πŸ˜€

After exploring all the nooks and crannies of Macy’s, we hopped on the subway and made it over to Central Park. It was WAAAAY to hot to walk around in so we took the expensive-touristy-way-out. We hired a pedicab to give us a tour.

After the bike ride, we WALKED. Yes. WALKED. All the way to Rockefeller Center to purchase our Top of the Rock tickets. I think I was a dripping sopping mess of sweat by this time. We then walked through Times Square to go eat the worst meal of our entire trip. Sushi of Gari 46. HIGHLY HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED. DO NOT GO THERE.

The fish was unfresh. Service was pretentious.

I’ll let my pictures tell the story.

(Black Cod was delicious! One of the rare bright moments of the meal…)

I was super sad walking out of there. Sam felt bad and offered to take me down to the East Village to redeem ourselves with yakitori. Since it was late and we had depleted our food budget for the day, I dragged my feet back towards Times Square….

We made back to Rockefeller Center to make our Top of the Rock ticket time. The view up there was GORGEOUS!!

I was still super sad over my yucky dinner. Sam offered to go down to East Village AGAIN. I declined…and we wandered back into Times Square. It wasn’t late enough to shop… and I went shopping at American Eagle. And we ended up on their billboard! (You get a picture taken when you buy stuff!) πŸ˜€

Post shopping… in true West Coast time fashion, we walked back to our hotel… at about 2:30AM. πŸ˜€

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