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NYC – Day 1-1.75! (Grimaldi’s Pizza, Brooklyn Bridge, Crif Dogs)

We had heard legen-DAIRY things about the NY style pizza; so per recommendations and reading Yelp reviews, we decided try Grimaldi’s. Up side: lots and lots of good recommendations. Down side: long long LOOOOOONG waits.

I woke up at a decent time that morning and wandered over to 5th Avenue to shop since I had severely underestimated the heat and humidity of NY. Which led to 2 outfit changes. At that rate, I would have been out of clothes by the third day. That morning was also when I found out that NY didn’t charge me sales tax on my clothing purchases. OMG. No tax. I could save 300 on an LV bag!

I meandered my way back to Ess A Bagel and wandered back to our hotel room. Few hours later, we wandered out and hailed a cab to take us over to Brooklyn. We got in line for Grimaldi’s and the line…. was VERY VERY long.

We were told that the line was about an hour and a half long…and being that we flew 6 hours, spent 18 bucks on a cab ride to get out here, we stood there… and waited… Thankfully the line did move. Occasionally. By an inch.

We ended up chatting it up with two gals from Portland who were on a girls trip (left their kids and husbands behind). We finally made it close to the front of the line when we found out that they had more tables for 4 than tables for 2. We ended up sharing with the lovely Portlanders. And we got a kick ass table… next to the window!

The pizza sizes here were very generous; prices weren’t TOO bad either! Here’s the lovely cheesy white pizza:

Yummy traditional pizza with meat:

I was in pizza heaven. It smelled awesome! And tasted even better!

Ahhh… Grimaldi’s… How delicious you are!

After polishing off the pizza, we decided to save on the cab fare and hike across the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately I’ve had this horrendous fear of bridges for a really long time now. Probably originating from the Loma Prieta Earthquake, I break out into cold sweats everytime I have to drive across a bridge.

On our way up to the bridge, we came across a bike with a sweater on.

I stepped on the bridge, and noticed that there was a nice layer underneath where I couldn’t really see the water. Not too shabby… and I could see the traffic underneath. Not too bad!

I conquered my bridge fear. Sorta.

We took our feet pics:

The arches had nifty architecture! I was okay until halfway across when I could see the water underneath the slats I was walking on. My stomach flipped. And I started sweating. On top of the sweat from the heat. It was miserable.

This is what someone who has no fear of bridges looks like:

Happy, check! I’m not posting the pictures of me curled up in a ball whimpering.

Onward now… I made it off the bridge; regretting that I did not buy the stupid 10 dollar sun hat from the street fair the day before since I roasted my head.

We found our way to Union Square and hailed a cab… and went back to the hotel. Ahh… thank god for large upgraded rooms and nice showers!

After awhile, we headed back out for dinner at Crif Dogs.

Hailed another cab… and went back to the same area that we came from earlier. Except on the way there, Sam spotted a hat street vendor on the corner so we told the cabbie to pull over. I went down and bought myself a hat. And sported it real proud in front of Crif Dogs.


We went in and ordered yummy food while waiting for our scheduled reservation at PDT.

They were delicious!


We had time to kill so we wandered around East Village and found a Belgian fries shop…

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