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Category Archives: Trips

Celebrity Solstice Caribbean Cruise! :)

So last month, Hubs and I decided to refresh our Tahiti tans since they were slowly fading over winter. It had been fairly chilly out here so we hopped onto Costco Travel and booked ourselves onto a Celebrity Cruise to the Caribbeans. It was my first time cruising and I personally couldn’t wait to gorge […]

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Moorea Travel Tips!

Hotel: We did quite a bit of research and found out some of the best packages were via Costco. From there, it was a debate on where to stay. Given that we seemed to hear more about Bora Bora than Moorea and the majority of the cost was going to be incurred in Bora Bora, […]

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Tahiti/Moorea/Bora Bora Excursion Planning!

When I booked our honeymoon with Costco, I had them price quote the various excursions while I did more price comparison and shopping around. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise since Groupon came along and dropped $500 in my lap to work with. When I contacted Classic Vacations, the pricing was a […]

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Tahiti Trip Planning!

Hubs and I spent a lot of time discussing Tahiti as our honeymoon location. We decided on a place where we could relax and in the midst of planning a wedding, the idea of planning a honeymoon was just to exhausting. We decided to get some down time after the wedding before tackling the idea […]

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NYC Day 3-4! (Wall Street, Katz’s, Eileen Cheesecakes, Grand Central Station, Onya, Memphis, More Yakitori!)

It was our last full day in NYC. We stayed at the W Hotel and they offered an AWESOME car service! I had booked us an appointment for them to take us down to Wall Street. On the way there, the driver went by the WTC Pit. It was a sobering experience; to see the […]

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NYC Day 2-3! (The Met, Hyo Dong Guk, Macy’s, Central Park, Sushi of Gari 46, Top of the Rock, Times Square)

We woke up at the wonderful hour of 12PM and made our way out of the hotel… Hopped on the subway and wandered off in search of The Met. It’s the first museum where I’ve been to where you pay what you think is fair for the admission fee. You get a little metal button […]

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NYC 1.75-2! (Pommes Frites, PDT, Angel’s Share, Village Yokocho Yakitori)

I love fries. The Taiwanese genes in me were geared to love fried foods. I love my Yelp app as much as I love fries… So when I saw that there was a Belgian Fries joint pretty close to Crif Dogs, we walked over to kill some time before our reservation time at PDT. Pommes […]

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NYC – Day 1-1.75! (Grimaldi’s Pizza, Brooklyn Bridge, Crif Dogs)

We had heard legen-DAIRY things about the NY style pizza; so per recommendations and reading Yelp reviews, we decided try Grimaldi’s. Up side: lots and lots of good recommendations. Down side: long long LOOOOOONG waits. I woke up at a decent time that morning and wandered over to 5th Avenue to shop since I had […]

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NYC – Day 0.5-1! (Ippudo Ramen, Comedy Club, Times Square, Halal Chicken!)

After flying around and getting the bird’s eye view of NY, we headed off to Ippudo to have ramen. I had the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever tasted in my life. It was awesome. Not to mention the pork belly buns. Those were even more awesome. I think they’re awesome enough to convert any […]

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NYC – Day 0-0.5! (Ess-A-Bagel, Helicopter Ride!)

Hubs and I have never been to NYC so given that it’s only a short flight away, we planned a quick trip out there for Memorial Day. Apologies to those who have already seen the photos on Facebook but those albums are not exactly conducive in letting me spout off my various thoughts. The flight […]

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