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Category Archives: Thoughts

Momofuku Feast!

We hosted Small Group this past week over at our home and I got the chance to finally make Momofuku’s Bo Ssam. It truly is a porky feast!! I’ve been totally obsessed with David Chang’s cookbook… I’ve made the pork belly buns multiple times this month and I finally got around to tackling the ramen […]

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Momofuku Pork Belly Buns…. and Chicharones!

I was on a cooking binge… and made a bunch of stuff. I made two braised dishes for my Daring Kitchen Challenge (whoops! Still need to post about it!!!). I also attempted to make David Chang’s Momofuku Pork Belly Buns. It required me to work with pork belly… which was a new cut of meat […]

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Elsie from Down Under and Le Creuset in Gilroy!

I promise this blog is SLIGHTLY cooking related! So after I found out that my beloved Cobalt Blue Le Creuset was now discontinued; I found out that the Gilroy Outlets still carried a few pieces that they had left. When Hubs suggested making a trip down there to go shopping, I jumped at the chance […]

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Thank You…

I follow a good amount of cooking blogs and am constantly Googling for recipes and coming across amazing blogs. Some blogs come and go; some are only good for the one recipe I’m looking for and when I browse through, I don’t find anything that peaks my interest. It’s rare that I find cooking blogs […]

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100 Things to Eat Before You Die

So I saw this list circulating on and off through various blogs and foodie circles. Sadly when I went through the list, I’m shocked at some of the random stuff on here. SERIOUSLY!? McDonald’s!? And a PB&J sandwich?! Dude… there was just an article on how Duchess Kate wouldn’t touch peanut butter when they were […]

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2012… Came Way too Fast!

I’m still alive… and one of my resolutions is to continue to blog and to blog more and to do it more consistently. I’ll have a few posts lined up in the pipeline.

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Happy Anniversary! :)

Happy Anniversary to us! We made it to a year! One year down. Forever left to go! 😉

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Tahiti Trip Planning!

Hubs and I spent a lot of time discussing Tahiti as our honeymoon location. We decided on a place where we could relax and in the midst of planning a wedding, the idea of planning a honeymoon was just to exhausting. We decided to get some down time after the wedding before tackling the idea […]

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Steve Jobs. He was a visionary; brought the hip to what was once a “nerdy” sector, reinvented technology to become cool. I still remember my first Apple product, the 6G  iPod mini. I was a late adopter, finally indulging myself with a pricey Apple product after getting my first paycheck. It was definitely pricey and […]

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Quickie Update! :)

After a crazy summer of helping my dear friends T & T plan their wedding, standing up with them while they exchanged their vows, it was truly a great way to celebrate the long Labor Day weekend. We also had my SIL visiting us for a weekend of gluttony and exploring SF. I took my […]

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