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Category Archives: Personal

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

One of my favorite dishes to order at the traditional Cantonese BBQ Places is the roast duck and the roast pork. Usually they hang up a full pig in the window, hacking off portions when people order it. The downside to this method is that the pig is out in the window until it has […]

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Cooking Blogs and My Cooking Binge

Our kitchen got a nice makeover in the past few weeks. Last year, Hubs replaced our refrigerator… so the fugly faded fridge now is moved into this room-converted-from-the-garage… which leads me on a whole new rant. We live in Silicon Valley. People here are generally engineers…. especially in the area we live. I’m willing to […]

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Thank You…

I follow a good amount of cooking blogs and am constantly Googling for recipes and coming across amazing blogs. Some blogs come and go; some are only good for the one recipe I’m looking for and when I browse through, I don’t find anything that peaks my interest. It’s rare that I find cooking blogs […]

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100 Things to Eat Before You Die

So I saw this list circulating on and off through various blogs and foodie circles. Sadly when I went through the list, I’m shocked at some of the random stuff on here. SERIOUSLY!? McDonald’s!? And a PB&J sandwich?! Dude… there was just an article on how Duchess Kate wouldn’t touch peanut butter when they were […]

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Yoshida! :)

My Maternal grandparents were visiting for 6 weeks – which explained by there was a silence in my posting schedule. It was a wonderful trip and I got the opportunity to take them to Las Vegas on Virgin America to watch “O”. We also hotel hopped between Palazzo and Bellagio so they could experience the […]

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End of an Era…

I grew up eating at a restaurant in SJ Japantown. This past week, through the ever useful; albeit not so efficient family phone tree, I was informed by mom, who was informed by my cousin, who got the message from my uncle that the owners of Okayama had sold their restaurant to new ownership. *GASP* […]

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Happy Birthday Hubs!

I’m a little behind on this… but due to the amazingness of WordPress, I can backdate it! Happy Birthday Hubs! (And happy 8 months of being hitched. 8 months down. Forever left to go!) We celebrated with a nice gathering of friends at the local Thai restaurant and we followed it up with another dinner […]

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Mentaiko Spaghetti

So according to a certain reader who claims himself as my #1 reader and fan, I did too many iPhone posts in a row. I actually don’t blame him since the iPhone pictures don’t look that stunning. Time to bust out the dSLR and start snapping more regularly. So this post is dedicated to that […]

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Oyster Stew

Wow… I’m really bad at uploading my pictures. Since I found my memory card, I also found the pictures from the oyster stew I made from the oyster trip Sam and I took a few months ago. I shucked a bunch of oysters before we left and took them back in my previous ziplock faux […]

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Late Spring…

The weather this year has been funky; El Nino or La Nina has been playing tricks with nature. We had an unusually late Spring this year. The tulips that we planted bloomed in late April and our wisteria vines are full blossom now. It’s hard to believe that is is May and it feels like […]

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