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Category Archives: iPhone Post

Dungeness Crab’s in Season!!

Every year, we eagerly await the winter time because that’s when the fattest juiciest Dungeness crabs are available. And they are seriously good noms! I found a local seafood restaurant that was running a crab festival menu to celebrate my Aunt Daphne’s birthday. They were super accommodating and let me bring in my homemade NY […]

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Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

One of my favorite dishes to order at the traditional Cantonese BBQ Places is the roast duck and the roast pork. Usually they hang up a full pig in the window, hacking off portions when people order it. The downside to this method is that the pig is out in the window until it has […]

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Elsie from Down Under and Le Creuset in Gilroy!

I promise this blog is SLIGHTLY cooking related! So after I found out that my beloved Cobalt Blue Le Creuset was now discontinued; I found out that the Gilroy Outlets still carried a few pieces that they had left. When Hubs suggested making a trip down there to go shopping, I jumped at the chance […]

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Daring Kitchen BRAISING: Preserved Mustard and Pork Belly – 梅菜扣肉, Red Braised Oxtails, Short Ribs Braised in Japanese Curry

I went a little bonkers this month with my Daring Kitchen challenge. We were told to Brave the Braise… and I pulled out all of my Le Creuset and went to town. I cooked three items… and Hubs and I had enough food to last us a week and a half! I made Preserved Mustard […]

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Cooking Blogs and My Cooking Binge

Our kitchen got a nice makeover in the past few weeks. Last year, Hubs replaced our refrigerator… so the fugly faded fridge now is moved into this room-converted-from-the-garage… which leads me on a whole new rant. We live in Silicon Valley. People here are generally engineers…. especially in the area we live. I’m willing to […]

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Midweek Date @ Nopa

So for some time now, Hubs and I have been trying to head up to SF to eat at Nopa after our friend Ben raved about how they made the best pork chops. EVER. Growing up, I never had a fondness for pork chops, until about two years ago, we stopped in at Martin’s West […]

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Yoshida! :)

My Maternal grandparents were visiting for 6 weeks – which explained by there was a silence in my posting schedule. It was a wonderful trip and I got the opportunity to take them to Las Vegas on Virgin America to watch “O”. We also hotel hopped between Palazzo and Bellagio so they could experience the […]

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End of an Era…

I grew up eating at a restaurant in SJ Japantown. This past week, through the ever useful; albeit not so efficient family phone tree, I was informed by mom, who was informed by my cousin, who got the message from my uncle that the owners of Okayama had sold their restaurant to new ownership. *GASP* […]

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Urban Bistro by SF Soup Kitchen

When Jenn and I saw the signs that SF Soup Kitchen was coming to downtown Burlingame, we both danced our happy soup dances and got soup-er excited. I love their soups but unfortunately there weren’t any locations close to me. The only time I got it was when I had physical therapy and could pick […]

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Ocha Tea Cafe

We had a late weekend lunch with our friend James at Ocha Tea Cafe after hearing him rave about it for a few weeks now. The tea house serves Taiwanese cuisine which made my stomach happy. The prices here were reasonable and the service was fairly fast. I ordered the German pork hock meal which […]

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