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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Soup in the Morning

Normally I’m a dry cereal eating kinda gal in the mornings. I’m pretty addicted to my Honey Nut Clusters sans-milk but the latest batch of my beloved Honey Nut Clusters seems to have reformulated clusters. They’re definitely not the clusters I remembered as a kid. Sadly, they’re pushed off to the side again while I […]

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Feel Better Cupcake…

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I had taken the day off. I had in essence a semi-three day weekend that included lots of rest yesterday. Today was my first day back and when I came back from lunch today I found this on my desk: Anita got me a feel-better-cupcake. Thanks Anita!! <3 It […]

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Napa Wine Tastings! :)

One of my friends coordinated a lovely Napa trip at the beginning of the year. It was nice seeing friends fly in from LA since I haven’t seen them in quite a long time. We started out at Peju and then worked our way through to Trefethen, Domaine Carneros, and then had a lovely dinner […]

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I have a bad craving for Shipley Do-Nuts… Unfortunately they’re nowhere to be found here in California. The craving’s almost bad enough for me to jump on a Virgin America plane and head off to Dallas so I could get a few donuts… And some good ol’ Texan BBQ. I blame my husband for converting […]

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Sunday Night in the Kitchen

After a long break from cooking, I got bit by the bug again and I have a pork shoulder brining to roast into pulled pork, cajun inspired coleslaw soaking in the fridge and meyer lemon bars baking. I was good and took pics of the lemon bars so that recipe should be up soon. I […]

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I’m semi-celebrating Lent with my friend which means sushi on Friday!   We had lunch at Sushi Sam in San Mateo. It was pretty good but disconcerting to hear the chefs speaking Cantonese. So much for being a Japanese owned restaurant! I ordered a very un-Lent dish of Kurobuta Kakuni. Unfortunately I was too busy […]

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ABC’s of Me

A. Age: I’ve been stuck at 21 for a few years now. B. Bed size: Eastern King! 😀 C. Chore you hate: Scrubbing the kitchen D. Dogs: None, I sorta have a dog-in-law since Kandy’s owned by my husband’s parents. E. Essential start to your day: Checking my email with my squinty eyes cause I […]

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This Little Piggy Went to the Market

I love going to Farmers Markets to see what the freshest stuff in season is. I feel so blessed to be living pretty close to some good markets. I like the one hosted in Mountain view cause of the variety of products. This past week, tulips were in season!

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