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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Love Affair with Cereal

I’ve had a love affair with cereal for years now. And it’s not any type of cereal… It is with my beloved Honey Nut Clusters.

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WordPress App

Since my iPhone is extremely slow, I don’t get too many apps, nor do I put any music on the poor phone. I also never back up/sync my phone so after a grueling 2 hour sync I was poking around on iTunes and found some nifty new apps… At least new to me. WordPress! I […]

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Plate Full of Sushi

Quick stop at Sushi Tomi! We got a bunch of rolls and bento…Salmon Skin, Dragon, Caterpillow, Spider, and a side of salmon nigiri! Close up of the adorable caterpillar roll.

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Chez Spencer

We celebrated a friend’s birthday out in SF earlier this week at Chez Spencer. Since I already went on my rant about how irritated I was, here are the happy points to this meal. Actually, the food wasn’t THAT great… the soup had fish bones in there but no seafood. BLeargh. Steak was delicious but […]

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Seattle Trip *Part 3 – Last Hurrah before Flying Back!*

After our dinner @ Maneki’s, we drove around Seattle to sightsee at night. Which resulted in me driving across the Roosevelt Bridge no less than 3 times, slapping each other with our newly invented game of Starbucks-Slap, and checking out ANOTHER grocery store called QFC. Prior to hitting the sack, we headed back up towards […]

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*Rant up ahead* Where does the fine line lay between “let’s get together and celebrate a friend’s birthday” and “let’s get together and throw an expensive ass party?” I don’t even know where to start as I am sitting here silently seething and fuming. We were quoted a price per head. Aka, “expect to spend […]

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Happy Hatchday Blue!

Happy Hatchday Blueberry! You would have been 9 today. I miss your feathered bratty butt. To my little bird that thought he was a little person, I hope you’re getting lots of treats today…

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Seattle Trip *Part 2 – DINNER!!*

Lemme backtrack a bit. Last year, I took my parents up to Seattle for a quick weekend getaway to visit my 87 year old grandaunt that’s like a surrogate grandmother to me. When we flew in, I did a quick Yelp search and found Maneki. Ohhhh Maneki. They only took reservations and turned us away […]

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Seattle Trip *Part 1 – Random Eats and Random Sights*

I’m taking a quick break from my Taiwan Trip recap since I have been a bad bad girl and haven’t uploaded pics from my big camera yet… And because Taiwan tired me out, so tired that I needed another vacation to recover from my vacation. 😀 Which leads to the Seattle Trip posts. Work was […]

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Restaurant Ratings…

While I’m jetting off on a quick trip up to Seattle to stuff my face, I’ll leave this scheduled post behind. Hopefully I’m not slumped and drooling against the poor soul whose sitting next to me on the airplane. It was inspired my friend Jenn W’s review for her Valentine’s Day meal with her husband. […]

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