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I guess I’ve been procrastinating long enough on my resolutions…

1) Travel more
Hopefully we’ll accomplish this with talks about a trip back to Taiwan in the near future and once that is done, we can finally go on our honeymoon. Tahiti possibly? 😀

2) Cook more
Strangely enough, I’ve taken more ownership of the kitchen. We did a quick trip to BBB to use up a gift certificate wedding gift and got some cabinet organizers. My spice cabinet now looks much more appealing. I’ve been doing a fairly good job cooking lately and it feels great – I really miss that feeling I had in La Jolla where I loved cooking and it felt like a passion.

3) Stay healthy!
Got hit with the flu coming off of the New Year’s, but hopefully I’ll figure out some sort of excercise that I won’t abhor.

Sadly, I think I can summon my resolutions into one sentance: Be a globetrotting foodie that stays healthy while trying to burn off all the calories I eat.

Not too shabby….

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