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Yearly Archives: 2010

Happy Holidays!! :)

Kandy… Sam’s Parents’ dog… Looking very woe-be-gone after she comes to the realization of what I’ve just done to her… 😀 I got the idea to write on the photos as captions from various other blogs. I think I originally saw it first on one of my favorite bloggers, PetiteMandoo.

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Temporary Hiatus…

Taking a hiatus from blogging and posting publicly. In the meantime, to get your vickyness fix, you can find my thoughts and reviews on Yelp. Will return at the end of the year. See you in December!!

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I grew up LOVING Ivar’s clam chowder. I can down bowls of that stuff… I was super excited back in high school to hear that Ivar’s was opening their one sole non-Washington location in California, in Valley Fair mall. Unfortunately I heard that their lease is up this year and they will not be renewing […]

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Idiot Drivers…

The weather here’s getting rainy again. I embrace the rain, especially since I have a pair of super cute Burberry rain boots to wear and romp around in when it pours. Last night Sam cooked dinner, stir-frying in the sound of rain. Unfortunately the rain also makes it so that the idiots and imbeciles come […]

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Random Owls and Brenda’s Soul Food

I love Cajun food. Actually, excuse me. I need to correct myself. I love certain soul foods. Beans and rice? Not really a fan. Catfish? Yeche. But the biegnets, the blackened chicken, the andouille sausages… MMMmmm. One of my favorite places to eat brunch at is Brenda’s up in the city.  Sam and I got […]

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3 Days Filled with Driving…

Sam and I had the honor of attending his close friend’s wedding this past weekend. We ended up driving down when it was determined that Virgin’s flights were super full and our chances on standby were pretty meager. It turned out fairly well since I had a pretty neat hard top convertible rental and we […]

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Hello WordPress….

So I finally moved to WordPress… after a long time on being on Livejournal, dabbling in Xanga, having my few random updates on Blogger. I’ve been writing on generic WordPress for some time now but now officially here I am.

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